Lawrence Baker, Esq. has been practicing law since 1979 in Monroe County and all the encompassing regions. He requires serious energy to tune in specifically to his clients needs, while clarifying to the clients the legal rights and ramifications totally, and reacts rapidly to phone calls and messages. He centers his consideration on you and your particular issues. He is dependable, and ready to talk about your worries and your case throughout the entire process, whether it is a challenged or uncontested separation, an exceptionally enthusiastic family law matter, or any other legal matter that requires focused attention and resolution.

Areas of Law include:

Family, Divorce & Separation Law

Including Property Settlements and Child Custody considerations

Business & Finance Law

Including Business Planning, Litigation and Bankruptcy law

Real Estate Law

Including Closings, Mortgage and Landlord/Tenant relationships

Estate Planning & Probate Law

Including management of Last Will and Testaments


Going through a separation or divorce – or any family issues involving the law – can be devastating to all parties involved. Engaging a law firm that specializes in Family, Divorce and Separation law ensures you receive the thoughtful attention these cases require and only experience can bring. We will examine and explain a method which is to your greatest advantage for achieving a fruitful resolution to your case, and utilize this technique through the course of all transactions with the primary goal being that each vital issue is resolved acceptably. Lawrence Baker, ESQ is exceptionally experienced in all facets of the law, and he is completely experienced to handle any issue that may emerge amid the course of your divorce/family/separation process which incorporates some of the issues as follows:

  • Equitable Distribution / Property Division
  • Real Property Home Division
  • Forensic Bookkeeping
  • Child Custody / Visitation
  • Spousal Backing
  • Allocations of Obligations
  • Domestic Violence and Barrier
  • Protective Order Requests
  • Prenuptial Preparation and Understandings
  • Modifications of All Orders
  • Adoptions
  • Paternity
  • Legal Partition

Family, Divorce and Separation Law is the primary area of law that the law firm of Lawrence Baker, Esq. handles. We are passionate about what we do to ensure your legal matters are resolved quickly and judicially. Read more about our services in these areas.


Business Planning, Litigation, and Contractual Review

Mr. Baker, being an entrepreneur and owning several businesses, is quite diverse in knowing the nuances of business planning and financial strategies in formulating either a new business or modifying an existing one, rendering his recommendations and advice for the most profitable results obtainable. This includes formulating corporations, contractual review, business acumen and necessary factors surrounding the planning and any other factors/guidelines that involve starting a new and/or managing and growing an existing business.

Debt Collection, Debt Enforcement, and Bankruptcy Law

The law firm of Lawrence Baker, Esq. has extensive experience in collecting accounts and/or debts, litigation of causes, or consulting individuals that are hampered by excessive debts, and provide the most effective procedures and solutions to their financial problems. In situations where Bankruptcy is a prudent and viable option, Mr. Baker can advise on how best to proceed to ensure a quick and satisfactory resolution to the process from start to finish.


Real Estate Closings, Mortgage, and Lien Foreclosures

Lawrence Baker, Esq. has over 35 years experience in many areas of the law. In Real Estate Law, his experience includes the full spectrum of residential and commercial purchases, sales, and final transfers and closing transactions. Mr. Baker will guide clients through all aspects of the process, from the beginning of the contractual situation to the final transfer of property.

Landlord / Tenant Law

The law firm of Lawrence Baker, Esq. has helped both landlords and tenants fully understand their rights under New York State law for over 35 years. This includes the proper documentation of lease agreements, eviction proceedings, and the necessary relationship and rights of landlords and tenants.


How each person deals with the death of a loved one is very personal. To help your family deal with the challenges death brings during their time of grieving, it's necessary to have your own personal affairs in order ahead of time. Handling these things early is also more financially beneficial to your family than having no Estate Planning whatsoever. In cases where no Estate Planning documents exist, the State determines how your personal and real effects and affairs will be divided - without any personal knowledge of what you would want. The law firm of Lawrence Baker, Esq. can help you ensure your property goes where you want it to go, without adding unnecessary burden to your loved ones.

Drafting a Last Testament and Will is the simplest document for your future estate because you can determine how best to leave all of your property to the individuals you have chosen. However, a Living Trust, Healthcare Proxy, and Living Will are all additional important estate planning devices that can help your family when Probate is necessary, and help determine when Probate or other court proceedings are unnecessary.

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