Lawrence Baker Rochester, NY. Family Law and Business Law is not the only Law Larry practices.

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Lawrence  Baker Rochester, NY.  Family Law and Business Law is not the only Law Larry practices.

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Transcript from Lawrence Baker Lawyer from Rochester, NY:

Hi my name is Larry Baker and I’m a lawyer. I was born in Rochester New York and I went to Franklin High School. From Franklin I graduated and went to Bowling Green State University which is located in Bowling Green Ohio and I then attended Franklin Pierce Law School which merged with the University of New Hampshire and I graduated there in 1978 and my career as a lawyer began. When people come to you they're looking for your advice and recommendations and that's basically what it's all about. It's a one-on-one situation and the most intricate part of being an attorney when you're dealing with client's is personality. You have to mesh with someone and they have to look at you listen to you and basically feel comfortable what you're saying and that you can get them the best situation that you possibly can get by explaining the law, explaining the facts and being impartial and that's very very important. I always tell my clients that I am the General. I make the recommendations I give you advice and I'll tell you the best options and plan within which to go down but the final decisions made by the client. They're the ones that have to live with what the decision is and what the settlement is going to be. Practicing law has as much to do with your character, personality and interpersonal relationship skills as knowing the law because if you can't relate to certain people, can relate to certain things you don't have the integrity, you don't have the technique to be able to to try a case to fruition, you’re not going to succeed. You have to keep up for example in divorce and in family law you have to be totally on top of the ever changing laws the statutes and the knowledge of how to negotiate a case. If you're doing this strictly because a client comes in and you need the money you're you're not helping yourself and more importantly you're not doing your client a favor. Don't get me wrong I don't think any attorney that's worth their weight in gold can do a case entirely by themselves. You always are going to need other feedback. You need other opinions. You're gonna have to have somebody look at his situation and see things that I may not pick up. So when you say sole practitioner it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm an island unto myself. It only means that I will do things as Lawrence Baker but I will bring other input another opinions into every case that I do. Matrimonial law and family law has always been my primary area but I have expanded because of my business acumen and my entrepreneurship I know how to do anything related businesses anything to do with wills and trusts, closings, I do partnership agreements, I’ve been in partnerships before. I do landlord-tenant. I do anything that I've always done throughout these thirty-six years I continue to do what I do and I do well.

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